Hilfseinsatz von Goma Dhakal von Rainbow Children Home und ihrem Team:

"We went on 6th of January from RCH, two days on vehicle and two days on walking. The place was very remote, there is no vehicle serve only the donkey are the means of transportation. We walk for two days, and the road is very bad, steep road in the mountainous area. The road is very dangerous. We have distributed blankets, jackets, woolen caps, socks, trousers, mufflers, shawls and stationary and sports items to the school. There are lots of village people come to get warm clothes, and we have distributed to the very poor, orphan children and disabled people. When we reached there, snow is falling and we have distributed the clothes after stopped snow fall. It was very cold and people do not have enough clothes to wear. Life is really hard for the people living in that Karnali region. If some people support us again we can go to help same kind of people like the same condition. Goma Dhakal"